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Egg-celent Money 🥚

Today's topic is a bit touchy-feely, so caution is advised. *Skip to the good part* in the end

According to a WHO report, by 2050, 20 to 40% of women across the globe may not have any ovarian reserve to bear a child and will have to go for IVF treatments. That's #1 reason for the booming Egg Donation Industry.

Despite a regular menstrual cycle and seemingly normal health, about 10% of women will lose fertility sooner than expected, says the report🙀

Besides infertility rate, choosing delayed parenthood is also a key driver that has given rise to the “lucrative business of egg donation”

If we look at the revenue insights of the egg commerce, it has generated ~ $2700 million in 2022. It’s further expected to grow with a CAGR of over 8% between 2022-28 (with $4300 million in 2028)😯

It has become a growing industry in India as well, despite several traditional, religious, and cultural challenges in our country. However, it’s still under-regulated, less monitored and least discussed 🙄

Thanks to Bollywood for “Vicky Donor”, "Good Newzz", and “Mimi” for highlighting the concepts of sperm donation, surrogacy, and IVF. Still “egg donation” isn’t that common (yet).

How much do people make?

Unlike traditional jobs (based on their capabilities), egg-donation allows them to make between ₹20,000 to a few lakhs. The capabilities required on paper seem to be self-care. Check out the deets from this Asian Egg Bank.

*Actual* Factors affecting the pricing

Egg Donation Centers are willing to pay more depending upon the following factors

  • a higher level of education 👩🏻‍💻
  • a fair or dark complexion
  • and attractive features 🙄

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