Career Swap is the New Black

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The Gold Rush✨

Career switch? Just a fad?" Rethink Reader, I've got 4 reasons why you'll flip jobs at least once in this lifetime.

Life expectancy is breaking all records

India's life expectancy: 35.21 in 1950, 70.19 now, and a whopping 81.96 by 2100! So, we'll need more cash to savor our extended stay on Earth, meaning longer work lives and shifting roles. Career switch, anyone? It's the new black!

Tech advancement has grown exponentially

It’s an era of hustling, 2X learning, and creating opportunity as per one’s interest. ‘Cause, who doesn’t want to earn a living by doing what they love to do, right?

Remote jobs are making things even smoother for the real hustlers. Even if people are not changing careers as of now, they’ve started diversifying their work choices, for sure.


Increased lay-offs in corporations have become a thing now. Be it for AI or the company’s tight budget, as soon as your skills become less lucrative or relevant to the industry, they won’t mind dismissing you off.

Another strong reason for professionals to have or at least consider switching roles.

AI doing half the jobs

It’s time to address the elephant in the room. Let’s get this straight from the very beginning that a few jobs will no longer need you. If your work is too technical, requires no creativity, or you’re a blue collar worker in the digital world, you gotta step up or step out soon.

If you’re in a technical job which focuses on the “doing” part instead of “creating” or “thinking”, staying in one job for long won’t be the best thing to pay your bills.

How to take that BIG STEP?

Of course, change is always uncomfortable. And with career change, the fear factor of instability adds on. Starting from scratch in any profession means bearing a pay-cut and identity crisis.

But here’s how you can embrace the change:

  • Create surplus saving funds
  • Start exploring opportunities, interests, as side hustles
  • Focus on learning soft skills and how to monetize them
  • Avoid taking too much debt

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